Save your money by filtering unwanted information


iFlowScreen a tool that helps you to filter flows from NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow packets that you are not interested in. iFlowScreen stands as a proxy server between your flow exporters and flow collectors. The core of its operations is to accept UDP flow packet, deconstruct it into flows carried inside, drop flows that are classified as "no interesting", reconstruct packet and send it to flow collectors. By filtering unwanted flows, you will be able to save our money lowering required licenses for flow collector, lowering RAM, CPU and disk necessity. This is depicted in a diagram below:

Products main objective is to save your money by lowering number of flows that your existing flow collectors must process. There are few reasons why you would want to do that:

  • To save money on licensing by sending less flow to flow collector, thus requiring less licenses for flows per second.
  • To lower processing requirement of your flow collectors - less RAM and less CPU will be required.
  • To lower disk space requirements of your flow collectors - by receiving less flows, flow collector will need less disk space to store historical data.


Modern and secure

Platform utilizes modern user security approaches provided by Spring boot framework.


System can be installed on any operating systems that has Docker and JAVA support.


Newest multi-threading and parallel computing methods applied.


Filter what you don't need, and you will save on licenses, RAM, CPU and HDD.


“iFlowScreen” is a solution designed to filter unwanted flows from NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow protocols. NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow flows are deconstructed, filtered and reconstructed matching the following attributes in flows if they exist:

  • Source IP address
  • Destination IP address
  • Source interface
  • Destination interface
  • MPLS label
For every exporting router there can be multiple rules matching any of the five above attributes. One rule intended to match all attributes in it. If rule is not matched, another rule is checked.


“iFlowScreen” has modular architecture. Table below describes the modules that are possible to order.

Module Description Code
Base No filtering, just forwarding traffic and showing statistic information in passing flows. No FPS licenses are required. iFLOWSCREEN-BASE-01-W=
NetFlowFilter Filtering of NetFlow v5 and Netflow v9 flows. iFLOWSCREEN -NF-01-W=
IPFIXFilter Filtering of IPFIX flows. iFLOWSCREEN -iF-01-W=
sFlowFilter Filtering of sFlow flows. iFLOWSCREEN -SF-01-W=
FPS Flows per second license required for filtering traffic. Base license does not require this license. iFLOWSCREEN -FPS-01-W=


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